About us

About Qloq Techonologies

Qloq Technologies was formed by a small group of bright and like-minded experienced engineers. These people have been in industry for a while and understood the need for better solutions to solve the complex problems that today’s semiconductor design houses face.

At Qloq Technologies, we are working on IP’s which help build a large complex SoC’s with minimal effort.

Qloq Technologies offers industry standard design and verification IP’s like PCIe, Ethernet, SATA, SPI, I2C and other communication protocols.

Qloq Technologies also offers Design and verification services in the area of specific ASIC and FPGA designs, with emphasis on quality and timely deliverables.

Qloq Technologies encourages and offers trainings & projects to students, new college graduates and junior engineers to foster them to gain solid skills required to either secure or perform semiconductor careers.